Developer (.NET)

Personal Details
DOB / Age 7/8/1992
Hobbies Cooking, Learing new techonlogies and trends, Drawing, Listening Music and Helping Others.
Languages Known Telugu, English, Hindi and Tamil.
Educational Details
Higest Qualification / Degree Bachelor of Technology
Course duration 2009 -2013
Field of Study Information Technology
More Description abour the course All the subjects are related to computers and communications. Includes various labs, project, seminar and viva.
Degree completed year 2013
Certification Name Oracle Certified Associate of SQL Fundamentals
Certification Authority Oracle
Certification Description Certificaiton consits of two examinations like SQL and PL/SQL, both are required to complete the certification.
Use of getting certified Helped in building the confidence and command on the subject.
Knowledge source to pass the certification Oracle 10g Ceritified Books, Previous dumps practice questions and online brainbench tests.
Additional Courses
Course name .Net
Course Duration 6 Months
Benefits of the course Good basic knowledge of .net and its related technologies.
Job Related
Organization Name Capgemini Technology and Consulting Services
Organization / Industry Type IT Software – Application Programming / Maintenance
Job Designation Consultant
Nature of Job 14.00 – 23.00
Describe your Job Working as consultant. My job is to work in thea all phases of SDLC process and deliver the projects successfully as requested by customer. Includes major activities like programming in C# and PL/SQL, Testing ,Deployment and Production Maintenance.
Work Environment details My work environment is cool and exciting. My collegues always refresh me and their interaction keeps me much active and make my work progress in very happy way. Have lot of fun activites conducted every week internally and every month at business unit level. Apart from this we have many motivation sessions for career and as well as personal. I will spend some times for a casual walks with colleagues. Participate in interested activites like painting and won few prizes.
Your role & responsibilities My roles and responsibilities depends on the type of the project. For example it can be a purely front-end based or back-end or middleware. As a major part of responsibilty will be interaction with customer and requirements calarifications. As a developer I am mostly engaged into the coding phase, peer reviews, bug fixing. Apart from this few responsibilities like requirement gathering, documenting high level and low level desings, unit testing, deployment and maintenance are performed by me.
Other teams you collaborate with The major teams we interact is with Bussiness Analyst team to clarify on the business requirements and with Testing team to met the customer requirements perfectly as expected. Apart from this is to help the maintenance team with user manuals and bug fixing.
Skills / Knowledge needed for the Job .NET, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Jquey, WCF, MVC, WebAPI, WebServices, XML, PL/SQL, MSBI and SAP HANA
Sources of these Skills / Knowledge ex: name some books, websites, coaching centers
Tools used in the project Microsoft Visual Studio, SAP HANA Studio, Team Foundation Server, Git Repository, SQL Server Management Studio, MSBI Visual Studi and Teradata Studio.
How your company will get revenue with this project As our projects are of two types like Fixed projects and Per hour based. Billing depends the requirements estimations and esacalations in fixed projects whereas in hour based on implementing the number of tasks.
Business type of the client (according to your project) Consumer Products – Foods and Beverages
How do you support your client By giving the right content, ideas and improvements in project and quality and in time delivery.
How your work is going to help the client business Actually the projects done can be applied with similar teams and other businesses related to consumer products.
How your client will get profit with the project As our projects are of two types like Fixed projects and Per hour based. Billing depends the requirements estimations and esacalations in fixed projects whereas in hour based on implementing the number of tasks.
How you engage with the colleagues I build a good rapo with colleagues as they are the key to achieve the team success. I always interact with them even at my busy schedule. We engage in regular breaks and spend in interacting with clients and share our ideas, challenges faced and expectations of us. Help the other team members according to their requirements. Go for team dinners, fun and work are balanced to keep the team at first place in all aspects.
Describe about the company you like and reasons why you like it I like Tata Consultancy Services for its excellent process and its values. The Integirty one the key value is to achieve the customer satisfaction by building a highly scalable and robust software.
How do you balance your work life and personal life I always my health as first peference than my work. Make works outs and take good food with proteins and rich in nutrients. This help to achieve my targets very easily with out any stress or pressure. Attend stress management clasess conducted at workplace. Even at critical situations I keep myself as motivated and deliver the things in time. Apart from working hours I will spend in discussing the issues related to society and take a chance to make a difference.
Does your company provide oppurtunities to excel in your career? Yes
If Yes, What are the oppurtunities? The various learning and developments activites are web based learnings, certification, virtual trainings, instructor led courses, online materials, soft skills hub, bolg contests, quiz, gamming contests, hacking and programming contests. Also conducting live telecast and interactions with Heads of the Company to share our thougts and intersts.
What is your Individual Career Plan? Excel in the technologies that I work on and make a difference in the way I work to achieve the targets in time along with growth of organizaiton.
Scope of your work in future – (Will it have good scope or not) Though there are many automation tools are present the manual coding never come down, as the data is growing in very rapid scale the technoligies on data cleansing, transforming and visualizing play a very major role in near future.
Will you recommand these type of jobs? Yes I recommend my peers to work and data warehousing technologies.
Does having an Idea of any other skills be useful in your career? Yes.
If so what are they? Communication and leadership skills are key skills that are most useful for my career.
Suggestions If any

Author: rajasekhar amburu

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