Storage (Storage Area Networks) Administrator / Storage Engineer

Personal Details
Name Rajasekhar Amburu
DOB / Age 9-Oct-91
Hobbies Chatting, Listening music
Languages Known Telugu, English
Educational Details
Highest Qualification / Degree B.Tech in IT
Course duration 3 years (entry through diploma)
Field of Study Information Technology
More Description about the course Field of study which consists of the subjects related to computer things like:
C, C++, Java, Operating system (UNIX), Web Technologies (HTML, PHP, Java Script), DBMS, Cloud Computing, Computer Networks, Software testing
Degree completed year 2013
Certification Name Storage CompTIA+ powered by SNIA
Certification Authority Comptia
Certification Description vendor-neutral certification designed to test the knowledge and skills of IT storage professionals. Please google to get the contents asked in the exam. The course content itself will be around 10 pages and covers all the topics which you will be asked in the exam.
Use of getting certified As it is a vendor neutral certification (unlike NetApp and EMC certifications) the candidate who gets certified will have a good recognition everywhere what ever may be the storage product which he works on.
Knowledge source to pass the certification As there is no specific dumps available to pass this exam, you have to keep the course content and search all the topic online. Before taking the exam go through all the relevant course dumps and have a glance at them. (I got around 10 questions from this)
Additional Courses
Course name PGDCA
Course Duration Depends on course mode
Benefits of the course Helpful for the people who are new to IT
Job Related
Organization Name TCL
Organization / Industry Type Service based
Job Designation Technical Associate
Nature of Job 24 / 7
Describe your Job I worked as a technical associate in the SAN (Storage Area Networks) domain.
As the work we do is a live production support, we have to be very careful when we do any task.
To make everything go well without mistake, the company (service provider) strictly follows the process to do any change in the infrastructure.Overview on the process:
-> Having a ticket for whatever may be the task we do, An approved Change Request before any implementation, Adhering to the SLA and implementing the CR within the change window.
-> Updating the ticket, CR, helpdesk or any relevant source about the task regularly.
This is common for the other teams (Windows, UNIX, VM, Database, networks & security, backup) which works in the Data Center environment.
Work Environment details As we work on production support, our focus will be more on resolving issues and closing the tickets. We cannot have long breaks as we cannot predict the form of outage. The outage or issue may occur in any form and the engineer has to be readily available to troubleshoot it.
Your role & responsibilities Following are my roles and responsibilities:
1. Ensuring the ticket and CR for any task which i do
2. Following the process and team guidelines, immediately reporting to TL / manager in case of any issue.
3. Working on the below requests
a) Storage Volume (LUN) provisioning / deprovisioning / expanding
b) Zoning the server ports with storage ports on the Brocade switches
c) Taking the SMVI (SnapManager for Virtual Infra — netapp thing) backup
d) Creating the igroup’s on storage system
4. Coordinating with the vendor to troubleshoot the issues like
a) Performance issues
b) Disk replacement
c) Storage Volume / LUN going offline
d) Switch / Storage going down
5. Monitoring the various alerts from the storage devices
6. Coordinating with other teams (mostly with os teams)
Other teams you collaborate with OS teams, Helpdesk, ..
Skills / Knowledge needed for the Job Understanding on SAN, Idea on MS outlook, Managing the calls with IP phones, Excel short-cuts
Sources of these Skills / Knowledge Google it. For beginners to know about SAN, start with EMC ISM book
Tools used in the project winscp, putty, outlook, ms-office applications, notepad++, mputty
How your company will get revenue with this project offering services to the client for a particular period / till the completion of the project (as per their contract)
Business type of the client (according to your project) Depends on the type of client. We offer services to many clients who further offer services to their clients. (ex: matrimony, banks, hotels, newspapers, eCommerce)
How do you support your client Fulfilling the service request within the time period based on the SLA
How your work is going to help the client business As we manage the clients infra, we take responsibility to make the devices work well without any outage.
We do device firmware up-gradations, maintain the backup or redundant devices (RAID), ensure that the faulty parts get replaced within time.
Intimating customer when the storage reaches threshold level etc.
How your client will get profit with the project He further will have clients who are the income sources for him
How you engage with the colleagues Through mails, MS link, skype, IP Phones
Describe about the company you like and reasons why you like it I don’t like any company
How do you balance your work life and personal life As I work 24 x 7 there are very less chances to have a balance between personal and work life (where we have to spend time when we stuck up with issues). Night-shifts are nightmare.
If I have to attend any event or have to be OOO for an occasion, I will plan it earlier and discuss with TL so that i can get a off on that particular day / can have the shift in different time.
Does your company provide opportunities to excel in your career? Yes. TCL provides an excellent platform for the engineers to excel in their career. If we show work dedication we can move to higher positions in very less time.
If Yes, What are the opportunities? I got to work on multiple vendor devices. I don’t have access restrictions for the devices.
What is your Individual Career Plan? Technology keeps on transforming, So I won’t stick to any particular technology. I always try to learn different technologies and want to be a subject matter expert in the field whatever I am in.
Scope of your work in future – (Will it have good scope or not) As the domain deals with data and as everything is on Cloud now a days, working on SAN has a very good scope.
Will you recommend these type of jobs? No.
– Its difficult to work in the shifts
– You may need to work on public holidays & sometimes team will ask you to be in call / to work at any time.
If you don’t have shifts and work pressure then this domain is a great one to work on.
Does having an Idea of any other skills be useful in your career? Yes.
If so what are they? UNIX, Database, Networks
Suggestions If any For freshers: Don’t be hurry. Think of work which you are going to be assigned and then join the company. Analyze the market, upcomming technologies then choose what is good for you.

Author: rajasekhar amburu

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